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We are designers, educators, scientists and story-tellers ... a passionate group  of learning experts
dedicated to supporting your team to realize their full potential
and raise their collective efficacy. The wisdom is in the room and we help you find it.


Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite

she, her, hers

Stef works worldwide with folks interested in change. A skilled designer, facilitator, and participatory host, she provides learning experiences for groups of all sizes with a focus on processes that encourage the kind of collaboration that leads to wise action. Learning often requires roads less traveled.

Martin C colour.jpg

Caroline Martin,
BA, MSc, PG Dip Clin Super

she, her, hers

Caroline has over 25 years of experience working with groups, teams, and systems. She integrates her decades of experience with her training as a counseling psychologist. As a skilled reflective clinical supervisor, she works with a wide range of professionals. She is a keen facilitator for organizations wishing to build a truly collaborative, trauma informed work environment.

Johanna Amaro.JPG

Dr. Johanna Amaro

she, her, hers

Johanna has worked in urban education for over a decade and is passionate about assisting organizations in building culturally responsive pedagogy. Her experiences have provided opportunities to measure the impact of teacher collective efficacy. Johanna brings and attitude of let's learn and do this together to achieve student success and teacher personal growth.


Dr. Abby Fox
she, her, hers

Dr. Abby Fox is a social scientist and clinical audiologist whose work harnesses the potential of storytelling through qualitative research. She is especially interested in how the concepts of play and power affect teams in transition. Abby has facilitated  team transformation in education, academic publishing, and healthcare. She is passionate about using collective effervescence to yield actionable results. 

cheryl headshot.jpg

Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift
she, her, hers

Cheryl is a masterful builder. She is adept at building mutually beneficial relationships, collaborative professional learning, and engaging curriculum. Her passion and grit fuel her relentless mission to build bridges and to fill opportunity and achievement gaps. Cheryl sees the possible in the impossible and architects well-designed blueprints that support children, families, teachers and school leaders.


Gary Hite, BFA, MEd

he, him, his

Gary is a communications expert — whether working with young or old, he is the king of making connections. Gary's expertise stems from an ability to talk to anyone and encourage them to participate in engaging activities that lead to deep understanding. If you're not careful, you might just learn something.

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