Community Engagement

If it's about us, don't do it without us.

Involving communities is essential to the success of any improvement efforts.

We specialize in meaningful engagement and data harvesting opportunities whether in virtual, blended, or in-person environments.

Individual and
Team Coaching

We provide one-one-one as well as team coaching that builds self and collective efficacy.

Community Conversations

Using innovative structures, we facilitate opportunities for diverse perspectives to be heard.

Participatory Data Collection

Our unique approaches to data harvesting involve community members in making sense of data.

What do community conversations look like?

Stakeholder Interviews

A highly engaging protocol where stakeholders are
both interviewers and interviewees.



A large-group structure that provides opportunities for all voices to be heard.



An inspirational meeting format where participants create and manage their own agenda.

How does data harvesting work?

Affinity Mapping for Patterns

We gather large data sets from multiple engagement opportunities and analyze them to gain insight.



Experiential data are converted into journey maps to deepen understanding and inform decisions.



We provide multiple methods of community reporting that both inform and engage.