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Building Collective Efficacy

Collective teacher efficacy describes the belief held by groups of educators that, together, they have what it takes to help students succeed. Ever since collective teacher efficacy topped Professor John Hattie's research identifying what matters most in education, there have been many claims regarding how to increase this critical perception in schools. Together with Dr. Jenni Donohoo, Stef Hite is proud to announce the publication of Leading Collective Efficacy: Powerful Stories of Achievement and Equity . This work is grounded in researched and explores the validated pre-conditions that we know lead to building collective efficacy, shared in the graphic below. We explore success stories from across North America to illustrate how schools and districts like yours can harness the power of collective efficacy to increase student achievement and address inequities.

Leading Collective Efficacy.png

We offer a series of sessions designed to increase knowledge and foster collective efficacy at all levels of your organization. These are completely customized to your prior knowledge and current needs. 

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