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Appraisal and Evaluation Services

Our team customizes appraisal and evaluation support for clients using the strength of collective efficacy to empower educators, build cohesive knowledge, and embrace meaningful reflective practices. Our comprehensive support is customized to align with districts’ locally approved criteria. We leverage the video resources of Educational Impact’s vast library of real teachers in real classrooms. Using authentic classroom instruction provides a rich calibration experience for our clients interested in honing their observation and data collection skills. Led by Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite, the Tigris evaluation team has decades of combined appraisal and coaching experience as classroom teachers and school/district leaders.

We provide a range of support and services:

  • master scored teaching videos that clients use in locally developed professional learning programs;

  • facilitated sessions (in person and online) for groups and individuals to deepen their understanding about their district evaluation criteria and the use of rubrics;

  • customized professional learning for observers to calibrate their accuracy;

  • team and one-on-one coaching for school leaders to hone their skills in observation, feedback, and conferencing;

  • appraisal system design that fosters professional growth by aligning evaluation to building collective efficacy.


Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite

she, her, hers

Stef has worked for decades with educators to deepen their understanding of teaching criteria so they can be reflective and grow in their practice. Stef supports school leaders to ensure their thorough understanding of appraisal and that they have strong observation, evidence collection, and coaching skills — because their work with teachers as individuals and with educator teams is critical to student success.

Johanna Amaro.JPG

Dr. Johanna Amaro

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Johanna has worked in urban education for over a decade and is passionate about assisting organizations in building culturally responsive pedagogy. Her experiences have provided opportunities to measure the impact of teacher collective efficacy. Johanna brings and attitude of let's learn and do this together to achieve student success and teacher personal growth.

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Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift
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Cheryl has extensive experience helping teachers and school leaders move from good to great through effective coaching and customized professional learning that lead to improved student academic and behavioral outcomes. She helps individuals and teams calibrate and collaborate around effective teaching resulting in successful observations, impactful data collection and growth-focused feedback.

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