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When you hire Tigris Solutions, there are two critical aspects to the work.
We design solutions through practices that cultivate collective wisdom.
We synthesize organizational thinking to reveal options for wise action.


Tigris supports your organization's

Strategic Operational and Business Planning

Stakeholder Dialogue and Community Engagement

Board and Staff Communications

Board and Staff Retreats

Change Management

Systemic Work


Blurred people mingling
Participatory Practices

Our toolbox of participatory practices can be modified to meet a variety of needs. We take into consideration your context, group size, intentions, location, and other circumstances to customize the experience so that it yields meaningful data.

  • Interaction Design

  • Design Thinking

  • Open Space Technology

  • World Café

  • Pro-Action Agora

  • Circle Practice

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Responsive Planning Framework (Design Process)

Communication Tower

Participatory practices yield unexpected and valuable data. We help your group make sense of what emerges from their collective efforts. By harnessing both visual and storytelling methods to make your thinking visible, we support your interpretation and provide you with a clear path to wise action. Products include:

  • Customized card decks

  • Visual system maps
  • Integrated frameworks 
  • Digital tool kits 

  • Strategic planning outlines

  • Summary reports

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