Hope and Healing
in Your Community

In the 50 years since the original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, there has been an increasing awareness of the impact of trauma on students. Exploring how ACEs impact health and well-being — as well as learning — is a critical first step in developing trauma-informed and responsive communities.


Ultimately, our goal is not just to address ACEs, but to eradicate them by creating self-healing communities of opportunity for everyone.

The Neuroscience of Trauma
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Core Protective Systems

These foundational sessions are supported by a menu of additional options designed to extend learning and generate strategies that support the development of a healing-centered community. 

in Schools
Social and Emotional Learning
Understanding Secondary Toxic Stress
Increasing Educator Resilience
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Becoming a
Self-Healing Community

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